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Added: August 12, 2007

Effective Press Release Strategies

Press releases are traditionally used to gain attention for newsworthy products, services, and special events.  Anyone can write a press release, and thanks to the many online news wire services, anyone can distribute their releases for free or for fee.  However, news releases are more beneficial than one might think.
The average online press release can achieve several goals.  From a regular marketing standpoint, a good release will raise awareness about a specific brand, or a product, service, or event being offered by a particular company.  Getting your news release picked up by Google News, online media, and offline newspapers, radio stations, and television programs will put your company name into millions of homes and offices across the United States.  If you want to generate buzz, tying your product to a recent event -- especially a controversial one -- in a well-written news release will do just that.
Online press release services like PR Newswire and will also include a link along with your paid press release distribution service, so bear in mind that news releases are useful for SEO as well as for basic marketing.  Additionally, a press release will frequently get picked up by blogs and other news feeds related to the product, service, or event you are announcing.  This means that your link may wind up on numerous sites in a short amount of time, which is a benefit for your company's web site and e-commerce standings. 
Of course, in order to have your news announced across the web, you must write a good and timely piece.  A guide to press release writing and formatting can be found here, but here are some tips for penning a newsworthy release:
* Include your company name and contact information in an easy-to-locate spot.
* Don't forget your URL; some services may allow you to link text, others will make your URL into a clickable link.
* Spell out the key details in your first paragraph, naming who, what, when, where, and why.
* Be brief.  Say what needs to be said without wasting time or space.  A news release should only be about a page long.
* Keep in mind that a press release is not a sales script.  Do not write to sell your product to customers.  Instead, make it seem important to the media; tell them why their audiences will want to hear what you have to say.
* Quote company officers, satisfied customers, and others to include "sound bites" in your press release.
* Tie-in your release to an event, controversy, or other issue that has received news coverage recently. 
* Proofread for clarify, spelling, and grammar.  If your release is well-written, some media outlets may publish it without editing.  The cleaner it is, the more likely they are to use it.
Remember, writing a press release is an easy way to gain notoriety for your business and improve your presence on the web at the same time.  Take advantage of these valuable wire services when promoting your company's news!

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