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Added: September 2, 2008

Increase Profits Using The Long-Tail Techniques

The internet has opened up the market a considerable amount. More and more people everyday are going online to find information on new and old products or services and will research to find the best product or service for their needs. For a business, it is important to know how to make sure these consumers are going to be lead straight to your site. Small to mid-size companies are able to gain popularity and profit quickly by using this long-tail approach on their pages. These terms target consumers ready to search online to buy specific products. With this approach, you are able to sell not only the “hot” items now, but outdated or niche products more successfully.

The Story of Long-Tail Search

Say a buyer needs some quality safe products to “child proof” his house for his soon to be walking daughter. He gets advice from a neighbor to start looking now. He goes online and puts in a search for “child proof” and gets over two million results. After he clicks on the first couple of results, he finds he would like to focus in on “child safety gates.”

He has now narrowed down his search to find information on “child safety gates reviews.” He reads a great review on a safety gate by a manufacturer called Safety 1st for the Smartlight Stair Gate. He then narrows down his search down to a specific manufacturer and model. He goes and puts in another search for “Safety 1st smartlight stair safety gate” and gets a list of sites that sell this particular brand and model.

This is the page you should focus being on. This targeted approach gets lower traffic then say the keyword “safety gates” but the conversion rate is higher with lower costs.  To compete with over seven hundred thousand people to get into the top pages for “safety gates” can take a lot of time and a lot of money. This method is a very affordable way to generate traffic to your site.

In order to stay on top of your competitors make sure your links bring the consumer directly to what they are looking for and let them know immediately you have the product they are looking for and you are the best place to get it. Offer products that can only be purchased online. When writing your content make sure you have around five keyword phrases per product or category. Putting your phrases close to the top of your content will help you get indexed better during a search. Keep the name of your url short and specific to what the consumer is looking for. Update the title of each page of your site to give a clear description of what type of content would be found on that page.

In conclusion, it is very effective to focus on ranking higher in results on long tail phrases to get a higher conversion rate at a lower investment. This way you are bringing a consumer who knows what they want right to you. At the same time, it is important to make sure the searcher stays on your site once you have gotten them there to covert the visit to a sale.


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