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Added: September 20, 2007

Best Way to the Top in Search Optimization Techniques

One of the best ways to achieve a solid page rank and organic search result success is by filling your web pages with high-quality, unique content.  Not only will this give your site credibility as a useful resource, it will also encourage others to link back to you.  Both back links and a good reputation are great for your business! 
Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled at drafting good content.  Though freelance and contract writers are readily available to fill your web pages with valuable information, their services can be costly and prohibitive for a start-up corporation.  Here are some tips for developing quality content for your own site, even if you aren't a writer by trade:
Think about your audience.  What are you selling, and to whom are you selling it?  You may have several different target markets, and that's okay.  Write for them one at a time, until you've covered them all.
Just remember that these different markets all have different styles and comfort levels.  If one of your target groups is young people, you would benefit from adopting a conversational, hip tone when writing articles.  This particular audience is apt to tune out quickly if you're too preachy.  On the other hand, a scholarly audience is going to expect a completely different, more professional tone.  You can reach both these groups on the same web site, but you aren't going to do it in the same article.  
Be unique.  The world wide web is already tremendous and growing exponentially in size.  Crafting unique content can be a real challenge for site developers.  However, by researching what sort of information is already out there, you can generally find new and inventive ways to talk about your subject matter.  Developing bullet-point how-to guides on your subject, posting upbeat and informative interviews with movers and shakers in your industry, and tying your products and services into recent news events are all great ways to provide your visitors with useful quality content.
Consider who might repost your articles.  One of the key benefits to offering exceptional content on your website is that it is more likely to be picked up and reposted in other venues, generally including a link back to your original source.  Make sure that these sites know about yours and are informed when you post new articles.  It never hurts to send a quick message to a fellow webmaster advising them to check out your latest site addition.  
Check for spelling and grammar before going live.  This should be an obvious point, but you would be surprised how many webmasters forget to proof their content before posting it.  If possible, ask a friend or family member to read over what you've written, noting misspelled words, missing words, and grammar errors, as well as anything that sounds "off" or confusing.  Quality content is free from these sort of errors and will improve your site's reputation, whereas an article full of mistakes will leave an impression of faulty workmanship and incompetency on your readers.
Get a feel for the sort of content that's out there, and start brainstorming some of your own great ideas.  You may be surprised to discover that you are a content-writing genius after all!
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