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Added: June 26, 2007

Best ways to Network at SEO Marketing Tradeshows

Throughout the year and throughout the country, there are numerous internet marketing trade shows that allow specialists to network with others in their field.  For businesses, trade shows can be a great opportunity to promote everything from their basic services to newly released products and upcoming events or promotions.  For employees, trade shows offer enriching, educational seminars, the chance to meet clients and partners face to face, and the golden opportunity to make new contacts with future clients and partners.  Some of the most popular shows include Ad-Tech, Affiliate Summit, and Pub Con.    

Companies that are looking to attend these trade shows can usually obtain free or low cost admission badges.  Sometimes free badges will include entrance into the terrific conferences and presentations that take place at such shows, but sometimes, they permit entrance into the exhibit hall only.  For an upgraded fee, attendees can go to educational seminars as well as the opening day events and ceremonies.  The most important part of any trade show, however, takes place in the exhibit hall where internet marketing employees are able to network with one another.  

When attending a trade show, it is important to dress for success.  You are there to represent your business and as such, you want to make a good impression on each person you meet.  You never know who might be in the market for your services.

Additionally, you will want to have on hand a supply of your own business cards which should include your name, contact information, and the name and URL of your company so that your new associates can look you up when they return to work after the show.  Again, this is an opportunity to make a good impression.  Creatively styled business cards that are square, colorful, or otherwise unique are an excellent way to set yourself apart from the crowd.  

Because you will be receiving as many cards as you hand out, it is also recommended that you have a small tote bag to contain the cards that are handed to you.  While many trade shows hand out free carrying bags and other goodies at the door, these items are not always suited to organizing the large number of business cards you will receive.  If you plan on frequenting trade shows, you can even invest in a small device that will scan each business card you are handed, creating a database of information including the card owner's name, company, and contact info.  

It is only common sense that exhibitors spend a significant amount of time preparing to showcase their products and services at trade shows.  However, attendees should also take some time to prepare themselves so that they can speak eloquently about their businesses.  If you are marketing a creative new product, spend some time before the show thinking of engaging ways to promote your item.  Spending all day in the exhibit hall can be tiring and repetitive, so the more ways you have to talk about your company, the better you will feel at the end of the show.

All in all, attending an internet marking trade show is a great way to make new connections in the industry and keep abreast of the products, services, and strategies that are being used by experienced SEO specialists.  Get out there and have fun! 

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