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Getting Started with Paid Clicks/Traffic to Website

Let us take care of your Pay Per Click (PPC) Setup for your website promotion/sponsored links campaign. Perfect for websites and business just getting started and need guidance and assistance in online search engine marketing. With this service we will analyze which keywords would best fit for your website. We then get your ads appearing on google, yahoo and bing, as sponsored listings which appear on the top and right hand side of the search results. Position of your ads is determined by how much you bid and how much others bid for the same keywords (auction style). We Setup basic sponsored link ads for your company website on google/adwords,bing and Facebook sponsored link services. A sem sponsored listing specialist will setup your sponsored listings on the 3 major search engines and get you started in online pay-per-click advertising. With the Getting Started Setup service you will get:
  • Your site up and running in pay per click internet advertising on 3 major search engines.

  • Keyword research to determine which keywords would fit best with your sponsored listings.

  • Writing of basic sponsored listings ads to by us to start up your campaign.

  • Approximately 10-15 keywords will be setup for bidding. We will try and do our best to give you a balance/most bang for the buck spending on your keywords based on our extensive experience in pay-per-click advertising.

  • Process takes about 24-48 hours to get started on Google, and MSN. Yahoo takes a few more days for ads to be approved.

We offer some of the most aggressive pricing in the industry today for effective pay per click setup campaigns. Let Take care of all of your ppc setup and pay per click marketing management campaigns.

Important Note:  Search engines such as google, yahoo and msn charge a seperate fee to your credit card based on the number of clicks your ads received. Click charges are based on how many clicks and the current bid you placed for the click. You will be required to add your credit card once your account is established in order to begin the campaigns.

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