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Top Ten Website Promotion for Your Small Business

  • Targeting keywords is an effective, affordable way to promote your website within your city, state, or region. It's faster and easier to achieve a high ranking in organic natural search results.

  • Our experienced team of professionals can consult with you to determine the best course of action to drive traffic to your pages and increase sales on and offline.

  • The advanced techniques we use will combine the power of social media with traditional internet marketing solutions to help you reach new clients and maintain a positive reputation online.

How To Show Up Better On Search Engines

Businesses striving to succeed with global search promotion face an abundance of competition when it comes to ranking high in the organic search results for their chosen keywords. Companies seeking clients in specific regions, states, counties, or cities have a much easier time achieving their desired results through the use of geo-targeted SEO campaigns. Our specialists have years of experience driving traffic to websites using best practices in link building, content creation, and social media.

Our search positioning packages can help new and established sites to achieve higher rankings through the use of specialized content, meta-tags, marketing via Twitter and Facebook, reviews, backlinks, and link groupings.

To begin, our team of experts will look over your existing content, titles, and meta-tags and consult with you on revisions that would make them more search engine friendly. Specifically, we will help you select and target keywords that include things like your state or city name along with other phrases for which you would like to rank. By including these search terms in your page titles, tags, and content, Google, Yahoo, Bing and their cohorts will begin to recognize that your site is an important region result. Then, instead of competing with giant corporations that have a national or global presence, you can focus on attracting clients from your own region.

From there, we can also help you with reputation management through the use of reviews and social networking. Our employees are very familiar with the importance of using tools like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with customers and prospects, and we can create those pages for you or maintain your existing social networks. Increasing the number of followers or “likes” you have is a proven effective way of getting attention for your business and helping prospective customers to find you.

Finally, we will generate valuable, region-specific backlinks for you so that your business becomes associated more closely with the area in which your customers live and work. These links will drive traffic to your site on their own, but they will also help you to rank for your targeted local search keywords. Our extensive internet marketing experience will allow us to create a beneficial link portfolio for your company.

We understand that search promotion can be an incredibly time-consuming task for a small business. It's easy to let this important marketing technique fall by the wayside when other things are vying for your time and attention. That's where Advantage SEO Services comes in – to help you increase visibility, improve your search placement, and manage your SEM campaigns while you concentrate on providing the best products and services in your industry!

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